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The Ultimate Contest Manager

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Before start...


Before start, a little note

This documentation is a resume of the basics features of what you can get using Contester. You can read the full version manual with detailed instructions on:

Read the Full manual on




More questions?

Feel free to contact me to henrique@mouta.org and I'll try to help you as much as I can.

About Contester


What's Contester?

This software is a simple yet powerful contest manager. The basic usage of this software consists in two parts:


Try it yourself!

You can try this software yourself! Using our demonstration installation:

Demo URL: http://demo.mouta.org/

Username: john
Password: 123456

Note: This installation is restarted every few days.



For a more easy and understandable installation, I created a easy to follow video tutorial. It's very easy to install your Contester software. I promiss, just watch ;)

Installation video.

If you have more questions regarding installation, contact me to my email and I will be pleased to help you.

How To...


In this section of the manual, I will teach you how to do some things with this software.

… Make a new Contest

To create a new contest, you can’t be running any other contest. If you want to force close your contest, check above how to abort a contest.

Once you have any contest enabled, go to the contest control panel, and you will see the following options:

To create a new contest, press on the big green button. You will be taken to a wizard to create your contest.

On first step you have to choose a contest name. Once you do that, press Next.

On the step two, you will configure the code generator settings. 
You can choose how many codes you want to generate (we recommend from 2.000 to 99.000 depending on audience size), and the selected winner percentage. This percentage is the amount of codes that will select the users to the next phase, the Draw phase. This will be the odd of getting selected. Once you are ready, press Next.

On step three, you can configure other contest settings. How many places there will be on the podium (the amount of final winners) and how many times each participant can submit a code. You can also set here how many consolation prizes you want to attribute. Once you are done, press next to go to the final step.

This is the final step. Check if everything is like you want, and press the big green button. Once you press it, the contest generation can take a while to generate (50.000 codes can take about 30 seconds or more to generate). Please stand by, and do not stop the loading.

That’s it! Your fresh brand new contest is now created!

... Draw a Contest

To draw a contest you must finish it. To finish your contest, go to the Contest management section, and press the finish icon.

Descrição: http://demo.mouta.org/admin/images/blue_stop.png

As I said earlier, to finish the contest you must have at least as many participants as podium places.

Once you finish the contest, get back to the Contest management and press the big green button.

Once you do that, you will start the draw wizard. Just keep following the wizard and the system will automatically draw the winners and the consolations prizes for you.

Once you got a winners list, you can press the button to start the mailing. First, we will mail the winners, and then, we will mail the consolation prize winners and the rest of the participants.

Remember you can change these emails on the settings. Check above for more details.

Once the draw is done, the contest is officially over.

You may now create a new contest… or do nothing else.



Thanks to the following developers and creators, I was able to make a more intuitive and beautiful interface! Thanks

To finish, I must thanks everyone who helped me, testing and motivating me!

Need more information?

If you want more details regarding some of the Contester details, you must check the full manual here: http://mouta.org/contester/docs/The%20Contester%20User%20Manual.pdf.

If you still have question or found a very nasty bug, please email me to henrique@mouta.org and I will reply to you as soon as possible ;)